The Communion of Apostolic Churches is a global communion of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, together with the ministries and churches they represent.

India Mission January 2015


  • Joy to the World, The Savior Reigns

    On Advent Sunday, two weeks before Christmas, I preached for Archbishop Dale Howard at the Chapel in Jacksonville, Florida. Bishop Howard specifically asked me to minister on the theme, "Joy To The World; The Savior Reigns.” I ministered the same message for Joshua Kouri at Frontline in downtown OKC, Christmas Eve. There was such a special anointing upon the message, that I have taken the liberty of posting the message for your encouragement and meditation at this special Holiday Season!

  • Joseph's in the Marketplace

    Aaron is a spiritual son of Jack Walter, and thereby a spiritual grandson of Don Atkin.
    He is the founder of The Entrepreneurial Network in Oklahoma City.
  • South Africa Mission Report

    My recent ministry trip to South Africa was probably the most powerful in more than fifty years of ministry! 

    During the month I was there (four days short of a full month), I ministered in four key conferences touching almost 1000 ministers from throughout South Africa as well as several other countries in Africa.

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