The Communion of Apostolic Churches is a global communion of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, together with the ministries and churches they represent.

India Mission


  • Joseph's in the Marketplace

    Aaron is a spiritual son of Jack Walter, and thereby a spiritual grandson of Don Atkin.
    He is the founder of The Entrepreneurial Network in Oklahoma City.
  • South Africa Mission Report

    My recent ministry trip to South Africa was probably the most powerful in more than fifty years of ministry! 

    During the month I was there (four days short of a full month), I ministered in four key conferences touching almost 1000 ministers from throughout South Africa as well as several other countries in Africa.

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Apostolic Summit

The Great Commission

The present outpouring of the Spirit globally is the continued witness of the Father that the message proclaimed by the first apostles is still true. And like Peter, Paul, and all the early apostles, we believe that Christ, the Son of David, the almighty Son of God is building His Church (the house of God and the restored house of David) to be the demonstration on earth of life under the government of the King and the instrument of His kingdom purpose to disciple all nations and fill the whole earth with the glory of God the Father.