The Message

Today the Church of Jesus Christ stands on the threshold of a new era of power and glory. The reality of reaching and discipling the entire cities and nations has never been nearer than it is today. Governments and nations have run out of options; politicians, economists, educators, social scientists are looking for answers to today's global problems. The entire world is begging for God's Holy nation, the Church, to dismantle the doctrine of defeat, the empty traditions of man, and the disunity that keeps us apart and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. It is time for a return to the Movement for which Jesus and His Apostles lived and died. It is time to rediscover genuine Apostolic Christianity and reform Christ's Church in order that it might succeed in it's mission to disciple the nations and fill the whole earth with the glory of the sons and daughters of the kingdom of God. 

CAC India Campaign

CAC Leadership Seminars in all Major Cities of India

India home to 1.21 billion people,world’s largest democracy. Even though Christianity reached in the 1st Century India still has a christian population of 2% which means lot of work need to be done to reach 98% of the people of India.

There is tremendous need to to equip,train and teach not only existing leaders , apostles, prophets, ruling pastors but also for the emerging leaders.And to bring them into the Apostolic movement to become advocates and ambassadors to conquer the nation of India for Christ and His Kingdom.

Apostolic Summits 

Theses are a quaterly event to bring together  the Apostles, Prophets, ruling Bishops and Pastors for dialogue,discussion and council in every major cities of IndiaRead More

Apostolic Congress

Apostolic Congress is a one time gathering of all the national leaders ,churches, networks,apostles,prophets ,ruling pastors and bishops who are in the communion of apostolic churches.To set the agenda for the future works of restoration and reformation.

Publishing Books

"To Equip the saints of this generation to be a Part of Apostolic movement for the 21st Century" .Apostle George Kouri's books will be  translated into all major languages of India... Read More

South East Asia

South East Asian countries are in a reachable distance form India.

CAC India Campaign will be reaching these countries  with the message of Jesus Christ,His Kingdomand His Church is the fore most task and bringing them into the global communion of apostolic churches, networks and jurisdiction.  Read More

Structural Map

Meetings Strategy

Comprehensive Master Plan

CAC India Campaign Brochure


True Reformation

Nehemiah surveying the ruins of Jerusalem before beginning the arduous apostolic work of restoring and rebuilding Jerusalem, the ancient City of David. Today, the walls of salvation and the foundations and gates of the heavenly City have been destroyed, burned by doctrinal error, sectarianism and denominational division and strife, and are in great disrepair. If the Church of the 21st century is going to see a true reformation, the apostles and prophets, and the elders of the heavenly City must rediscover the original apostolic foundations, restore the walls of salvation, and rebuild the governmental gates established by Jesus and the first apostles.

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