The Constitution of the CAC

(The illustration above is an unusual and ancient painting of Jesus Christ as the Chief Apostle of His Church. )

In 1996 the Communion of Apostolic Churches was founded to provide a wineskin or ecclesiastical home for apostles and elders and their related networks or streams of ministers and congregations who believe that the present doctrinal and ecclesiastical divisions are a contradiction and hindrance to the Lord’s plan and purpose for His Kingdom and His Church, and who long to see the Church revived, restored, and reformed so that it might function as One Holy Apostolic Church in the earth.

At it’s founding the Apostolic Council of the CAC drew up resolutions declaring the general purpose of the communion and wrote a constitution defining the communion’s essential or core beliefs and governing principles and to serve as a starting point for dialog with other ministers and churches with a view to the ultimate restoration of the fellowship or communion of Christ, His apostles and saints.

The CAC Constitution is a document in progress and will periodically be adjusted and amended in apostolic and prophetic council as the Lord gives us more light from the Canon of Old and New Testaments, the basis of the testimony of Jesus, the faith and practice of His original apostles.

Finally, we do not claim to be the whole Church, but only a jurisdiction of jurisdictions within the Lord’s One, Holy, Apostolic Church. Nor do we claim to have a monopoly on apostolic truth, but confess that we are hungry to know Him more fully who is the truth and to see His Church revived, restored, and reformed, so that it might ultimately succeed in it’s Kingdom purpose and apostolic mission to disciple the cities and nations of the earth and fill all things with the glory of God the Father!

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“Christ is in the process today of reviving, restoring the apostolic foundations, and reforming His Church as One Holy Apostolic Church in the earth.

“In spite of intense spiritual warfare and armies of fierce opposition arrayed against God’s servants, the 21st Century will be an Apostolic Century, as the Lord’s Church is restructured and reformed, and as a consequence, civil governments, cities, and nations come to the light of the Church’s rising!

“We do not claim to be the whole Church, but rather a jurisdiction of jurisdictions or apostolic networks within the Lord’s Church. But nevertheless, the CAC with its jurisdictions of ministers and churches is committed to serving Christ and His Kingdom in our generation.”

-Presiding Bishop George E. Kouri

(Note: the terms elder, pastor, and bishop, were used interchangeably by the apostles and elders of the early or Apostolic Church and are used in the same way by the CAC. We do not use elder or bishop in an episcopal sense.)