Apostle Kouri ministering at the CAC India's 1st Regional Apostolic Summit in Hyderabad

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my personal update (posted a month or so ago) Sandra and I have been back in the USA since September 12, of last year. Since returning to the USA, we have been in the process of getting resettled in Oklahoma City. After almost four months, we are beginning to feel refreshed and ready to continue to run the race the Lord has purposed for us to run.

Because of all we have wanted to share with our family, friends,and ministry partners we have divided this update into four parts, to make it is easier to read.

• In PART 1, we shared with you our personal transition from India to the USA and gave you an update on the present status of the India Apostolic Campaign, as well as an update on our personal finances.

• In PART 2, I will share with you my ministry goals, priorities, and plans for this new season in our lives.

• In Part 3, which I will post next week, I want to share with you my personal testimony regarding my call as an apostle of Jesus Christ and a prophet to the nations and how the Lord has prepared me to fulfill it.

• And in Part 4, which I will post in two weeks I want to make a strong appeal for you to partner with us in the critically important work of apostolic restoration and the authentic reformation that the Lord Jesus is calling His whole Church to undertake today. In Part 4, I also want to make a personal appeal to our family, friends, and those who are already doing so to prayerfully consider partnering with us in the apostolic work to which we have all

I pray that by posting our strategic update in four smaller bite-size parts it will encourage each of you as family, friends, and partners to take the time necessary to carefully read what we have written and to prayerfully consider how you might get involved and partner with us in the work.


Sandra and I feel that in returning to the USA and to Oklahoma City we are entering a new season in our lives and ministry. Over a period of several years (especially these last two years in India), there are a number of things that the Lord has placed on my heart that I believe He has purposed or ordained for me to do before I depart this life. I would like to briefly share these with you without going into a lot of detail.

1. First, one of my priorities and my ministry plan is to continue to give general or overall headship to the Communion of Apostolic Churches (CAC) as the presiding apostle or bishop for as long as I am spiritually and physically able or as long as the CAC’s General Apostolic Council feels that I am able to do so.

Note: Please note that the CAC is not another denomination, thus adding to the Church’s present denominational division. Instead, in response to our Lord’s High Priestly prayer in John 17 and His teaching concerning the unity of the Church that He is building today, the CAC is a fellowship (partnership) or communion of apostles and elders and the churches that they represent, who are committed to working together to recover the foundations that Jesus and the original apostles laid in the beginning and reform ourselves and our respective spheres of influence and connect with each other as part of the Holy Nation or the Lord’s one Holy Apostolic Church in the earth.

We are not saying we are "it" or that “we have arrived at maturity,” instead, we believe we are part of the Lord's one Holy Apostolic Church and it is our purpose to attempt to model for the whole Church what the whole Church could be if all churches in every geographic locality were built together on the same apostolic foundation and working together as one Apostolic Church to fulfill our Lord’s apostolic mandate in the earth. The pictures below are of several of the apostolic fathers, who head networks and serve as members of the CAC's Executive Council.


Apostle Dave Viljoen of AWC and Apostyle Jim Hodgesof FMCI 


Apostle George Runyan Citichurch Ministries and Apostle Herman Bradley CKMC

2. Second, with the CAC General Council’s approval, it is also my priority and plan for 2019 to assume provisional headship of our North American Apostolic Campaign.

In our General Apostolic Council meeting in Jacksonville, Florida in August of 2016, the apostles and ruling elders of the CAC’s apostolic networks agreed to launch apostolic campaigns or missions for India, Africa, North America, and the First Nations or native peoples of North America. We commissioned Apostle Dave Viljoen of AWC to head our Africa Campaign, Apostle Manfred North Peigan of Apostolic Ministries and Churches International to head our First Nations Campaign, and I was commissioned to head our India Campaign. Over the last two years the Africa, India, and First Nations Campaigns have been launched and are moving forward in the Lord. However, up to now no one has emerged from our ranks to take headship of our North America Campaign. Therefore, as Sandra and I return to the USA and by the grace of God, it is my plan to undertake this responsibility for 2019 and until the right person emerges to assume this responsibility.

3. Third, another one of my priorities and goals is to continue to give myself to writing the message of Christ, His Messianic Kingdom, and apostolic reformation that the Lord has entrusted to me for as long as the Lord gives me grace to do so.

In 1995, the Lord began to speak to me very strongly by His Holy Spirit and through His prophets about writing the vision that He had entrusted to me. Since that time, I have written 7 books, including “The Sign of the Kingdom”, “The Last Watch”, “God’s Agenda for the 21st Century”, “The Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity”, “Rediscovering the Keys of the Kingdom”, and “The Constitution of the Communion of Apostolic Churches” (I consider "The Constitution" an architectural blueprint for the Apostolic Church that Jesus is building). My most recent work which is to be published soon will be entitled, “God’s Requirements for an Authentic Apostolic Reformation”. This is the teaching I taught in all five of the Regional Apostolic Summits that the CAC India Campaign hosted in the major cities of India this past year (i.e. Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai).

During these past two years in which Sandra and I have lived and ministered in India, I have been faithfully immersing myself afresh in the Word of God, and have been diligently preparing notes for several new books that will become textbooks for new leadership training seminars and summits and also additional courses for the Apostles Theological Seminary. The first of these, “God’s Requirements for an Authentic Apostolic Reformation” is a study of 10 essential things that Jesus accomplished in His life and ministry as the foundation of authentic Christianity. It is also a study of our Lord’s Apostolic teaching or revelation concerning the meaning and significance of the 10 things He accomplished.

Note: These 10 things Jesus accomplished in His life and ministry are the essential foundations of His Messianic Kingdom and His Apostolic Church, i.e. the Church that He is building today. And our Lord’s Apostolic teaching is His personal revelation of the meaning and significance of these things that He accomplished ( i.e. the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church). These 10 things plus the revelation Jesus entrusted to His original apostles are in fact the authentic Gospel of the Kingdom and the doctrine of Christ and his apostles. This is the authentic tradition of Apostolic Christianity that Jesus entrusted to His first apostles and that the Holy Spirit and the Providence of God have preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. This then is the foundation that must be recovered today, if we are ever going to have an authentic reformation and if the Church is ever going to be one and fulfill its apostolic mandate in the 21st Century.

In addition to 1) “God’s Requirements” I have also worked on notes for 2) “The Life and Ministry of Jesus and His Apostles” (a study of the Four Gospels and the Book of the Acts of the Apostles), 3) “The Revelation of Jesus and His Bride” (a study of the Book of Revelation), 4) “Laying Kingdom Foundations and Apostolic Church Planting” (a study of the ministry of apostles and prophets today), and 5) “Advancing Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and Building His Church through Apostolic and Prophetic Preaching” (a study of the methods and content of the preaching and teaching of Jesus and His original apostles).

The Sign of the Kingdom

Apostolic Leaders in Hyderabad holding copies of the CAC Constitution translated into Telugu

4. Fourth, it is my plan or goal over the next year or so not only to continue to labor closely with Dr. James Bradshaw (the President of the Apostles Theological Seminary) in order to continue to develop ATS. Also in partnership with Dr. Bradshaw and Apostle Mike Daub I plan to launch “The Institute of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies” as part of the CAC’s leadership training engine to raise a new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the 21st Century.

Making use of videos, webinars, and the internet, the institute will offer a comprehensive online apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leadership training curriculum for those who are not looking to obtain a degree, but who desire a more comprehensive understanding of the things Jesus accomplished in His life and ministry and an understanding of our Lord’s Apostolic doctrine concerning the significance of the things He accomplished that they might be more fully equipped to serve the Lord’s Kingdom purpose and his Church in the 21st Century and fulfill their callings as true ministers of Christ.


Dr. James Bradshaw, President of ATS and Apostle Mike Daub & Adam Rangnamei in Siliguri, India 

5. Fifth, in partnership with the heads of the apostolic networks that make up the CAC and others, it is my goal to develop the ministry tools needed today to truly birth an authentic apostolic reformation in the 21st Century.

Some of the ministry tools needed by the present apostolic reformation movement are:

1) Apostolic and Prophetic liturgies for the use of today’s local churches as they go up or ascend to Zion in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day to gather around the throne of King Jesus in General Assembly with other local assemblies of believers in cities, regions, and nations throughout the earth. The Lord’s Day is the official day of worship, when all the allotments of the New Covenant Israel (the Holy Apostolic Church) gather in General Assembly around Messiah’s Throne in heaven to worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, celebrate the Kingship of the Lord Jesus, extend the strong scepter of His Messianic Kingdom by praying Kingdom or governmental prayers, receive the ministry of His prophets, partake of the Eucharist meal (Messiah’s great banquet of salvation), present their tithes and offerings to the great High Priest of the New Covenant, and descend once again to go forth in the Name of the Lord to serve the King and His Kingdom in their respective spheres of authority as kings and priests.

Sadly, many, many church leaders today do not have a valid Biblical understanding or revelation of the Lord’s Day or what it means for the Church to gather in General Assembly (Hebrews 12:22-24) as the “Qahal” of God or the Holy Nation on the Lord’s day.

2) Minister’s handbooks with practical instructions or guidelines on how to properly administrate the New Covenant ordinances established by the Lord Jesus and the original apostles of the lamb and first ascension-gift apostles: i.e. water baptism, the laying on of hands to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord’s Table (i.e. Messiah’s Banquet or the New Covenant Meal of salvation), ordination to Holy orders, and the covenant of Christian marriage.

3) Apostolic and Prophetic preaching and teaching notebooks providing examples or patterns to help new ministers or those just discovering the message of the Kingdom to learn the message preached by Christ and the original apostles. This will enable them to gain greater confidence in preaching and teaching the message. Over the years I have discovered that many ministers would join us in the new apostolic reformation if they had confidence that they could minister it effectively.

6. Sixth, with help of Ravi Paul and our emerging Media Team in India and with others who are interested in being involved, one of my ministry goals is see the CAC’s and ATS’s current websites, as well as, our Facebook pages updated and enhanced and to develop a personal blog and launch regular online broadcasting for preaching and teaching the message of Christ, His Kingdom, and apostolic reformation.

My goal is to develop a strong and effective global platform for making the message of Christ, His Kingdom, and apostolic reformation readily available to a larger global audience, especially Christian ministers. To accomplish this our media team and several others are already in the process of implementing several strategies that we hope to see completed this year.

These strategies include:

1) Serializing my Books and Teaching Notes into easy to read, bite-sized portions, and publish them as articles or blogs on the internet to make them available without cost to anyone who wants them. (They will still be available in book format for those who wish to purchase them.)

2) Hosting Webinars and Online Broadcasts to enable me and my special guests to preach and teach the Word the Lord has entrusted to us around the globe, without having to leave my study.

I am continually receiving appeals either by email or on Facebook for my books or to come to various nations throughout Africa and India to minister in conferences and churches. But my time and energy constraints, and the lack of funds to cover my travel make it difficult, if not impossible to fulfill these requests. But through the effective use of the internet, I can do so.

3) Writing the Apostles’ Commentaries. The blog and the online broadcasting (that I can easily and economically produce simply with the use of the camera that is on my desktop computer) will help to give me a global platform from my home office, not only to serialize and broadcast my seminars, books, and seminary courses, but also to produce “The Apostles’ Commentaries,” a 20 or 30 minute broadcast in which I can systematically teach through the four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the letters of the apostles, and the Book of Revelation and in doing so set forth “the testimony of Jesus” or the revelation of the mysteries of the Kingdom and the Church that Jesus Himself imparted or entrusted to the original apostles.

7. Seventh, in partnership with the apostolic heads of the networks that currently make up the CAC, including the new networks that have been added through the CAC’s India and Apostolic campaigns during the last two years, and also with other apostolic leaders, I plan to host Leadership Training Seminars on "God's Agenda For The 21st Century" and Regional Apostolic Summits in key cities and regions throughout the USA on the theme, "God's Requirements For An Authentic Apostolic Reformation".

This goal is actually part of the practical implementation of my second ministry goal mentioned above, launching the CAC’s North American Apostolic Campaign. The purpose of these seminars and summits is to blow the trumpet in Zion and awaken God’s servants to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches today with the view of recruiting apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders who are hearing what the Spirit is saying to join with us in restoring the foundations and reforming the Lord’s Church in North America and First Nations.

Along this line, I am also committed to returning to India a once or twice a year to minister in strategic regional summits or in National Conferences or Congresses of Apostolic, Prophetic, and Pastoral Leaders.

Picture of Brother Kouri with apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders who attended the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign Leadership Training Seminar on "God's Agenda For the 21st Century" in Vizak.

8. Eighth, one my top priorities or ministry goals over the next several years and for as long as the Lord gives me the grace and the strength to do so, is to work together with the senior leaders of the CAC Global and also with the leaders of other communions to transcend the present denominational divisions that divide the Church and form geographic councils of apostles and elders (i.e. the spiritual fathers, ruling pastors, and overseers) in cities, regions, nations, and globally.

The purpose of these geographic councils is aimed at enabling the apostles and ruling elders or shepherds in cities and nations throughout the earth to govern the Lord’s One Holy Apostolic Church together. So that we might all work together to restore the foundations laid by our Lord and reform ourselves, and also so that we might build a working model of authentic apostolic government with a view towards provoking the governmental leaders of the whole Church throughout the earth to want to be part of an authentic apostolic reformation. And all of this is so that the Lord’s Church, His Holy Nation or One Holy Apostolic Church, may truly light the nations and succeed in possessing cities and nations and filling the earth with the glory of God (Kingdom civilization).

Ravi Paul Darsi, Bishop Kouri's spiritual son and National Director of the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign

Bishop Kouri praying with Apostle/Bishop Abraham Sekhar, head of the Spirit-Filled Churches of India, a newly added member of the CAC's Global's Executive Council

Apostle Dave Viljoen of AWC, who heads the CA's Africa Apostolic Campaign, ministers prophetically in the CAC's Kenya Apostolic Summit

These 8 ministry goals may seem like too much or perhaps too ambitious, especially for someone of my age. However, the practical reality is that there is a considerable amount of overlap in these goals. The practical reality is that I can actually work on accomplishing a number of these simultaneously. For example, as I work to serialize my books, my seminar and course notes, write brief commentaries, and post them, I can also use these same written materials for a daily or weekly online broadcast. But more importantly, I know that the Lord Jesus has called, ordained, trained, and prepared me over many, many years for this very purpose: to structure apostolic doctrine by means of my writing, preaching, and teaching, and also to structure or order Church life by working together in partnership with my fellow apostles and ruling elders, as we recruit other apostles and elders, form geographic councils, and develop authentic apostolic structures and Kingdom communities in all the geographic places where the Lord has given us favor.


As Sandra and I return to the USA after two years of living and laboring in India, and as we enter a new season in our lives, we commit ourselves afresh to the apostolic and prophetic call that is upon our lives. We also invite each of you to recommit yourselves as our family, friends, and ministry partners to pray for us and partner with us as we seek to fulfill our Lord’s apostolic mandate and accomplish the goals the Lord has laid upon my heart for this new season in our lives.

Some of you may want to get involved with writing or editing manuscripts, posting articles on the websites and social media pages. Others may want to get involved with publishing or helping to market our books. Still others of you may want to get involved in helping us develop the ministry tools that need to be developed, or to produce our online broadcasts and webinars. Some of you may wish to get involved with one of the CAC’s apostolic campaigns (i.e. Africa, India, North America, and First Nations) either helping host a leadership training seminar or an apostolic summit or as a member of an apostolic company. We invite each of you to prayerfully consider getting personally involved in the things we are doing as the Lord leads or directs you.

Of course everyone can get involved financially and help us fund the things the Lord has commissioned us to do. Some of you might consider helping us pay for publishing or translating our books into Hindi or one of the key regional languages of India, or into Spanish, French, Arabic or Chinese. Others of you might consider helping us fund our webinars or the online broadcasts. Some might consider helping us fund the CAC’s Apostolic campaigns (a leadership training seminar or an apostolic summit), or help us pay the cost of airline tickets for the ministry trips to strategic cities in North America, India, or Africa. Others of you might prayerfully consider helping fund the Apostles Theological Seminary and underwrite the work of Dr. Jim Bradshaw, the ATS faculty, and administrative team, or provide scholarships for Christian ministers in Africa, India, and other nations whose ministers can’t afford the tuition for them to enroll in ATS.

As God is my witness, I do not know of any other apostolic or prophetic fellowship or communion that does more with the finances they are given than the Communion of Apostolic Churches (the CAC). Also, I do not know of any apostolic or prophetic ministry that does more with what they are given than AMCI or my wife and me. I believe with all of my heart we are good soil and that the Lord Jesus will bless you richly for sowing seed and partnering with us financially in what we are doing.

As Sandra and I enter this new season, the Lord has opened many, many effectual doors of opportunity to us to serve His Kingdom and His Church in many parts of the world. And just as the Lord Jesus declared to His apostles in the beginning of the Christian Era, so also He is saying to us today, “Truly, the fields are white already unto harvest, but the laborers are few.” Dear family, friends, and partners the fields are white unto harvest; there is much, much work yet to be done. We need your help now – your prayers, your involvement, and your financial support.


• If you wish to write a check to help us fund the CAC’s Apostolic Campaigns – India, Africa, North American, and First Nations, please make your check out to the CAC and note on it which apostolic campaign you wish to support.

• If wish to write a check to support Dr. Jim Bradshaw and the Apostles Seminary, please make your check out to ATS.

• If you wish to write a check to support Sandra and me and to help us accomplish the ministry goals that the Lord has on our hearts for this New Season, please make it out to AMCI.

Please mail all checks in care of Dr. Jim Bradshaw at 33 Felter Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32137.

• If you would like to make a direct bank deposit or transfer funds from your bank to the CAC for the support of one or all of our Apostolic Campaigns, CAC bank routing number is 063107513 and our account number is 5027824746.

Note: If you are making a donation to support one our apostolic campaigns please write to us at and let us know which of the CAC’s apostolic campaigns you wish to support.

• If you wish to make a direct bank deposit or transfer funds from your bank to support ATS, the routing number is 063107513 and the ATS account is 5027824852.

• If you wish to make a direct deposit from your bank account to support George and Sandra Kouri and Bishop’s ministry goals outlined above, please make it to the Apostolic Ministries and Churches International Account. The routing number for our bank is 063107513 and the bank account number is 5027824753.

• If you would like to use PayPal to make your donation to the CAC and one or all of our apostolic campaigns, please go to the CAC Website at and click on the donation button on the right hand side of the Home page. Or for your convenience please contact Jim Bradshaw at and the Bookkeeping Department will send you an invoice from the PayPal Account to your email address and you can make your donation from that link.

• To make a donation through PayPal for the support of ATS and to help train a new generation of leaders for the 21st Century please go to and click on the donation button on the left hand side of the Admissions page.

• If you wish to use PayPal to make your donation to support Sandra and me and help fund my ministry goals above, all you need to do is send money to the PayPal account with the email address and it will go into AMCI’s PayPal Account. Or for your convenience please send an email to and Bookkeeping will send you an invoice from our PayPal Account to your email address and you can pay from that link.

All financial donations to CAC, ATS, and AMCI are tax exempt!

If you wish to get involved personally in helping us fulfill our ministry goals and priorities, whether it is writing or publishing or media production or online broadcasting, or if you want to personally get involved in one of our apostolic campaigns in India, Africa, North America, or First nations, whether in a short term mission trip to help us with the campaign or long term as part of an apostolic company engaged in a campaign, then please write to me directly at and share your heart and tell me about ministry, or call me at 1-405-435-6668.

Your feedback and comments are earnestly requested and welcomed. I look forward to hearing back from each one of you. Also, if you know of anyone that you feel you should forward this ministry update to, please feel free to do so.

Apostle/Bishop George Kouri

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